Thursday, 28 June 2007

June 27 ~ Rustic

Another dull, grey day here today. I know I shouldn't complain - especially what with the horrific flooding going on round the country - but I am so disheartened that on my week's vacation I have no good weather for photography! Particularly as I have that borrowed wide-angle lens; very frustrating! As a result, I played indoors with the lens. This is the result.

Hope you're all well - lots of {{HUGS}}


RUTH said...

Oh I do like black and white....lovely photo; shame about the weather for you...we had sun today so sending some your way I hope.

Elaine said...

Since I am catching up as usual, I can compare the pears to the onions. Both are very nice, but I think I prefer the b&w, as it lets the textures stand out more.

CG said...

Agree with elaine...they look great in B&W xx