Tuesday, 26 June 2007

A Few More From the Farnes

I just couldn't resist! Here are some more from Saturday's trip out to the Farne Islands:


RUTH said...

These are so good. Will you be entering them for any competition. I'm sure they would also be worthy of being in a Wildlife book.

JoAnn said...

Hi Anna, Fantastic colours!

These are more than '1 photo a day'...., but great as 'a serie'!

Did you have to travel far to photograph this birds?


Anna said...

These are wonderful....they are so cute! :)

CG said...

Just incredible...can i come next year?? I can stop on the way and pick up T :)
Which lenses did you use? Love the pic of the worried little puffin peeping out of the hole!

JAM said...

These are incredible. I've never looked at puffin photos closely, and have never seen one live either. Enlarging and looking at these photos is an education for me. Again, I like the one in this set where the one puffin is looking out from under an overhang or something, and in this one, it's as if he's turned to look right at the camera.

lilymarlene said...

What fabulous photos! I love them.
Just discovered your blog via Ruth's blog.
Love it....!

Elaine said...

Wonderful shots!