Tuesday, 26 June 2007

June 26 ~ Roker Storm

The sun made an appearance today - finally! I've been thinking a lot about those further south, particularly in Sheffield and the surrounding area. Thank goodness my friends P and W and C are all safe and well. The dam at the Ulley reservoir looks like it's going to hold as well; fingers crossed that's the worst behind folks now.

Weather today was changeable; lots of short, powerful showers. On our way back from the dentist's we stopped along the coast road to take photos at Roker Pier, as the wind was whipping up the waves. The intermittent sunlight streaming through the storm clouds made for lovely light and I wanted to make the most of it. This shot is my favourite. I would have loved it if the storm clouds had been over the horizon rather than over me so as to make for a more dramatic sky, but hey - I still got a decent shot!

Lots of pottering round the house to do tomorrow. If it's nice out first thing I might sneak off for some landscape shots somwhere though. I've still not had a chance to try out the beautiful, beautiful Sigma 10-20mm lens that my friend A lent me this week. I have to return it Friday evening at camera club, so I want to make the most of it while I can. Unfortunately, the weather's had other ideas so far. I will be without my car for most of the day Thursday too; it's going in for its annual service. Hope I get lucky with some lovely sunrises then!

Hope you're all well. Sending {{HUGS}} your way!


RUTH said...

Superb. To capture that wave ...wonderful. Is there anything you can't photograph??
I'm glad your friends are safe I worry about so many of our blogging community who are in the flood zones.

CG said...

What a powerful and beautiful photo; well done!

JAM said...

Nice shot. It's amazing to think about the abuse that lighthouse has taken over the years. Love the light in this photo.