Monday, 25 June 2007

June 25 ~ One Tree Hill

One Tree Hill has been nicknamed Broccoli Gap on Marrow Pass, Northumberland by a friend - I think I like that better than my original title!

I was stuck for some inspiration on yet another dank, dark, gloomy and drizzly day (the first of my week off, to boot!). The vegetable aisles at ASDA became my inspiration. I know I shouldn't complain about the weather; here in Sunderland on the NE coast, we've been far, far more fortunate that folks a bit further south from us. Watching the news on TV tonight, it seems that Sheffield has been particularly badly hit. Lots of flooding, and talk of the forces flying in a Chinook helicopter to rescue those trapped by floodwaters. I'm thinking of all my friends who live in areas that might be affected, and hoping they're safe and warm and dry tonight.

I've been tagged by my good friend Julie/CG. Thank you Julie - what a great start to my week off work! xoxo

Here is what she said in her post when she tagged me:

Anna is a Canadian girl living in the NE of England. Her photo a day blog contains a great variety of images. You must check out the ongoing adventures of her little wooden pals. Anna has just posted a great series of puffin and other wildlife shots from the Farne Islands which shouldn't be missed.

Now it's my turn to honour 5 of my blog friends with this award (how I love these blog awards! It makes me feel so wonderful to be given one, and I feel even more wonderful giving them to my friends!). Here are my award winners, in no particular order:

1. Kathy/Kaycee - Kathy has been a very good Internet friend of mine for a couple of years now. She is a very talented photographer living in Utica, New York. Kathy's work is always an inspiration to me; the way she sees the world and describes it to us, both in words and in photographs, always leaves me in awe.

2. Pat - Pat is like a member of my family; I am extremely lucky to know such a caring and generous soul. I am already looking forward to this December when I'm next in Canada so we can meet up again! Pat is another wonderful photographer; her Guelph Daily Photo blog is a treat to view.

3. Ruth - Ruth has a wonderful blog full of wise words and a great photo every day to accompany them. She is also a VERY gifted gardener, and her garden blog is a joy to see!

4. Muddy_Sneakers - Christy is a keen nature enthusiast and great photographer. Her blog from North Carolina is a must-see for me! Full of backyard and not-so-backyard critters and flora, I always enjoy a visit.

5. Mrs Nesbitt - A visit to D's blog is a sure-fire way to get my toes tapping and make me start humming! Every day there is a photo and song lyrics to accompany it. Starts my day off so well!

{{{HUGS}}} to you all!!!


Anna said...

Congrats on your award.....I see I am in good company with the "other" Anna!

:) Have a great week!

RUTH said...

Both Titles and the photo are superb! You are so inventive with your ideas. Really hope the weather improves for you I feel lucky compared to some as despite all the rain we've had no flooding. Thanks for the award..and congratulations on yours...well deserved. I feel quite chuffed as I have one on my Million Stories blog....I'll put this one on my garden blog.
Sunny {{HUGS}}

CG said...

LOL what a funny and inventive shot, Anna. You really deserve your rockin' award!!

Anna said...

BTW, I love that show!

Kaycee said...

Anna, congrats on your award! Thanks so much for the nomination!