Monday, 25 June 2007

June 24 ~ Faded

This is the last of the peonies. I just had to get one final photo of a bloom. Even though it's well past its prime, it's still got something about it that I find attractive. I decided that emphasizing the colours and textures of the petals would be the way to go here, so I placed the peony on my sheet of Perspex to see what kind of reflection shot I could get. Faded beauty is what I see, but it is beauty nonetheless - and this bloom still carried with it a lingering scent of heady perfume. So it might not be a beautiful shot to some of you, but it is to me :)

It was a dull and drizzly Sunday, so we didn't venture anywhere. Besides, I was far too sore from the day on the islands on Saturday! My arms and shoulders in particular were aching; I spent so much of my time on the islands with my camera pointed skywards trying to catch that in-flight shot I so longed for. We spent the day cozily at home, and I tried to go through the reams and reams of photos I took. Out of about 500 shots taken, I think there about 95 or so that will be "keepers". I'm delighted with that ratio! I would imagine you'll all be seeing puffins and such from me for a long while to come LOL

Hope you're all well - you're all in my thoughts! Lots of {{HUGS}} to you all.


Anna said...

What a sad, faded peony....

RUTH said...

There is a certain beauty in this photo and a little sadness. Looking forward to the puffins and thanks for the {{HUGS}}