Wednesday, 16 May 2007

May 16 ~ Smile!

Since I've been working with the Samsung, Flex and Mini-Me took the opportunity to take some photos of their own. The cat didn't look too impressed though.

I've been suffering from some photographer's block tonight while working on my submission. Here's what I came up with, but not sure if I'm going to use any of them.

Been thinking of using this one instead of yesterday's photo - something about an odd number of pencils seems to work better somehow. On the other hand, I wonder whether or not this composition is too cluttered - however, art and the creative process is sometimes about mess...

This one is what is left over when the pencils are gone....

And this one makes me hungry!

This one is just more messing about, really.

All in all, I'm getting to grips with the new camera, and enjoying it VERY much. It fits beautifully in my hands, and has a lovely weight to it - not to mention great features. Plus, I've been able to get my hands on old Pentax lenses really cheaply, so I have a fantastic backup now to my Nikon.

Hope you've all had a good Wednesday - the week's now half done! {{{HUGS}}}


RUTH said...

Yur Mini-me photos really make me smile. Love that photo of the strawberry.{{HUGS}}

Anna said...

I love the strawberry. It looks more juicy on the black background. :)

lilymarlene said...

I love the pne of the "photographer" and model.....witty!

CG said...

All great shots!! Glad you're enjoying the new camera!

Lori Schmidt (LoriProPhoto) said...

I am a Canon user but must admit that the thought that all the Nikon and Pentax lenses, even the old manual lenses, will fit the nikon cameras if I remember correctly, is very appealing as I used to have a whole box full of manual Nikon lenses!!

Great shots!!