Tuesday, 15 May 2007

Today was my first real attempt to get a still life shot worthy of submitting to the magazine for them to consider for my inclusion in an upcoming issue. I am really enjoying the GX10 - a lovely camera to handle. Indoor work will be much easier once my remote control arrives; shouldn't be too long now. At the moment, I'm using 2second self-timer with mirror lock-up, but I miss the freedom and flexibility the infrared remote gives.

I had my 2nd ebay toy delivered today - a set of extension tubes for my D50. They're something I have wanted to play with for a while, and I figured ebay was the place to find them at a price I was happy to pay. Think that my 50mm f/1.8 lens will work well with the tubes and let me get some interesting shots.

Hope you're all well today, and that the day has treated you kindly. {{{HUGS}}}


RUTH said...

Golly this is all too technical for me....great colourful photo though.

Libbys Blog said...

I do love this, but then I love all your pics!!!!!

Anna said...

I love this with the shavings and all! :)