Saturday, 10 March 2007

March 7 ~ Selfridges

Wednesday morning, not long after sunrise, and it found me in the Bullring in Birmingham, photographing the very futuristic-looking Selfridges building.

I love the look of this department store (both inside and out, I must say - wish I lived closer so I could shop there!) and was glad that I got out and about early enough to beat the crowds of people that throng the Bullring, seemingly at all hours of the day and night.

At night, spotlights placed just outside of shot to the right illuminate the building with a vibrant green glow - really, really striking! I'll post a photo of it below.

Day two of the course didn't go much better than the first; the trainer took a dislike to me simply due to my experience - no matter how quiet or smiling or friendly or helpful I tried to be, he was rude and condescending and dismissive. He attempted to belittle me and my experience at several points, but I didn't rise to the bait. After all, he's a freelance trainer and doesn't know as much about what he's training as he pretends to. I think he felt a bit threatened (goodness knows why!) by the fact that I actually could tell when he was talking nonsense - despite the fact that I was far too polite to say so.

Oh well - only Thursday to get through, then HOME!!


talj said...

These are both stunning!!! Love the green light on the night one, excellent :o) So sorry to here you had a bad time with the trainer...I hope your paths dont cross again!!

{{{BIG HUGS}}} xx

CG said...

I have seen so many photos of this building and yours are really different!! Sorry you had such a bad experience with the mean trainer :(

Sharon said...

Great shots of the Selfridges building - I was really impressed with it when I visited a while ago. I don't think I would have been polite to your trainer person!!

Pat said...

Anna, fantastic photos. I, too, love the green one but the other is just wonderful.

I'm sorry you had a problem with the trainer. Not nice at all!