Saturday, 10 March 2007

March 8 ~ On the Canal

Thursday at last! Get to go home tonight :)

Took another early morning walk, this time along one of the canals that crisscross the city. This photo is of a couple of the barges moored up behind Harvey Nichols of all places! I loved how the smoke poured out of the chimney on the blue barge on the left and the way the barges were reflected in the water of the canal.

A really long day today - although the trainer was well aware that half of us had long journeys to make, he insisted on keeping us there until about 3:45pm. Every other course I've ever atttended, the trainer plans the days so that on the final day, things end around lunchtime so that the delegates can get home at a reasonable hour and recharge their batteries ready for the following day back at work. Not so with this guy. I hustled and made it to Birmingham New Street station in time to board the 4pm train to Durham - I got in at 8pm :( Back to work in the morning for my usual 8:15am start..... will it ever be GOOD to be back!


talj said...

This trainer just sounds mean! :o( Hope you got back ok and your enjoying your weekend !! Lovely shot of the canal boats....these early morning walks look very nice! :o) {{{BIG HUGS}}}

CG said...

Beautiful reflections here anna :) Glad you survived the attack of the trainer from hell!!

nine9feet said...

Great photo! Just FYI the boats in the photo are narrowboats (not barges) with a beam just under 7ft so they can fit the narrow locks found in the midlands.

Pat said...

Love this photo Anna. The reflections are wonderful. Glad you got out to enjoy a bit around the area so you could get your mind off this crazy trainer.