Saturday, 10 March 2007

March 6 ~ From My Window

If it's Tuesday, it must be Birmingham!

This is the view from my window on the 8th floor of the Holiday Inn in the city centre - you can just make out the Selfridges building next to the church. I really like the juxtaposition of the traditional and the modern here, and was glad I was able to see it from my window. I would have liked to get a shot of the two buildings from a nearer viewpoint, but unfortunately I'm not the owner of a wide enough lens.... one day I will have one!!

This was taken just after dawn on my first morning - definitely not a course I would wish to repeat, and I wish I had been able to have been exempted from it, as it covered aspects of the job I have been doing for a long time now, as opposed to the other delegates for whom it was entirely new. Oh well - at least it's over now and I'm home!


talj said...

Beautiful!! Looks like Birmingham isn't quite as bad as I thought it was lol :o){{{BIG HUGS}}}

CG said...

I like the combination of the old and the new buildings a lot. Welcome home :)

Pat said...

Welcome home, Anna! I like this photo. I've been in Birmingham many times but not this part.