Saturday, 10 March 2007

March 5 ~ Sniff

Well, here are the catch-up posts; I'm finally back from the course and have some time to get organized here. I've missed blogging daily and catching up with all the blog friends I visit - I will be commenting over the next couple of days and get back into my routine though!

This is Monday's photo; Iggy spent rather a lot of time wondering what this big yellow object was, and why it had suddenly appeared in the garden. He knew he hadn't seen it before, so just HAD to check it out. Sniffing carefully was the order of the day - he really trusts his nose. He seems to have come to the conclusion that it smells nice and looks good, and felt safe enough to approach. Wonder what he'll think when he sees more?


CG said...

LOL at Iggy; do daffodils have a scent??

Pat said...

Actually, daffodils over here have a scent but I don't really like it much.

I love daffodils, Anna. As you know this was Jack's favourite spring bulb. I must get a pot of them for the house as mine in the garden won't be up for a month or so yet.