Saturday, 31 March 2007

March 30 ~ Chicks Dig Birdseed!

"Wow, Iggy - look at all the chicks! They really DO dig birdseed," shouted Mini-Me in amazement. Iggy could do no more than look around incredulously. Maybe they weren't the kind of chicks he had in mind?

I'm a day behind in posting this; got home late from camera club on Friday and decided to go to sleep instead of doing my blog entry. Bad me!

It was the results of the first round of the Beginners' competition at the club; I just missed the entry deadline when I joined, so was eager to hear the judge's comments so that I would be ready to enter the 2nd round in a few weeks' time. The judge was great; very constructive feedback, found so many positive aspects to all the photos, but found excellent ways to improve them as well. I learned a lot, and am not quite so nervous about submitting my photos to the competition now.



RUTH said...

This is so sweet...full of Ahhhhhhhhhhh.

talj said...

So glad you had a good time at camera club! Once I am able to get out I intend to go along to my local one. Really looking forward to meeting new like minded people that I can share my photography with :o)

Great shot btw! ;o)

CG said...

LOL, great shot, anna! I took something similar on Thursday but have not had a chance to post it yet!! Glad you enjoyed the camera club :) xxx