Thursday, 29 March 2007

March 29 ~ The Assistant

Mini-Me was supposed to be helping me sort out my camera gear. Instead, he spent ages staring through one of my close-up filters! He thinks it's pretty incredible to have his own personal magnifying glass - one the size of him almost! Needless to say, once he discovered his new "toy" he wasn't much help to me. Good thing it wasn't a mirror, or else I might have lost him forever to his own reflection (he loves himself just a little bit!)

Much quieter day at work today, but it was LONG. I only got in around 7pm, and had been at work since just after 8am. Good thing I love my job. I was thrilled to see a former client of mine come in for a chat with her little girl; I think I mentioned this customer before and how ill she is, but to my utter delight she is looking much stronger and healthier. I got a present from the little one, too - she's at nursery school now, and brought me in a stick from the playground! LOL I love kids.

One more day, and it's the weekend! Yippee! :D I'm looking forward to just hanging out with Chris and pottering around the house. Let's hope the weather is nice, so we can get out for a walk (along with the camera, of course!)

{{{HUGS}}} to you all!


RUTH said...

Mini-Me looks like he's having fun..hope he puts his new toy back when he's finished in case you need it at the weekend. You have had a long day but I bet it cheered you on to see your former client looking well.

Kaycee said...

Does Mini-Me clean the lenses, too? He could help you get the camera gear ready for the weekend!
It sounds like you had a long, but rewarding day!

Anna said...

I need a Mini-Me so bad! Have a great weekend Anna!

CG said...

What a fun shot; I was playing with my own woody friends last night...hope to post a pic later.

That was a long day but rewarding too...I hope you have a fantastic weekend. P and the girls and I are off to the Lakes and hope to do plenty of picture taking!!


talj said...

Nice shot Anna, hope you have a great weekend with Chris {{{HUGS}}} x

CG said...

Thanks for your kind comment and the hugs, anna, will email you when i get home xxxxx

Libbys Blog said...

Where do you get the ideas from for your pics, they are brilliant. Have a great weekend!

Sheila said...

What a clever set up. This is such a fun pphoto...Have a great weekend.