Saturday, 31 March 2007

March 31 ~ Out of the Dark

I couldn't resist - we were out today, and I bought two bunches of tulips. These just seemed to glow from within with their own light, and I tried to do that justice here. I only used one lamp, off to the right of the flower, and then a gold reflector on the left instead of the other lamp I usually use - found the lighting looked too harsh when I used both lamps. I liked the feeling of this bloom emerging from the winter's darkness into the light of spring, and tried to emphasize that here.

It's official -- we're going to Toronto for Christmas again this year! :D :D :D Booked our tickets online this evening; we fly out via Paris on Air France on December 13th, and back home on January 4th. I can't wait!!!!!



Kaycee said...

What a wonderful tulip photo, Anna! I really like the way you captured the flower's texture. I can almost reach out and touch it!

I'm so glad to hear that you will be able to be home for the holidays again this year!

Lori Schmidt (LoriProPhoto) said...

Hi Anna

I love the pic of Mini-me with the filter and the others with the chickens is toooo cute!!!!

Glad that you had a better end to your work week, be it a long one.

The holiday in Toronto sounds wonderful!!!! Make sure you have lots of cards for our camera and somewhere to download all the hundred of images you are going to take.

Also glad that you are liking the camera club, it can be quite a lot of fun.

Well that's it from me, always in my thoughts (((((HUGS))))


Anna said...

So pretty Anna. I love tulips. I agree with Kaycee about the texture. Very nice!

RUTH said...

I love the idea of the bloom emering into the winter darkness...beautifully portrayed.

talj said...

Woohoo for Toronto! :o) Great news Anna! :o) And wonderful tulip shot, they are so photogenic! :o)

CG said...

Great news about Toronto and a beautiful photo too, anna :)

CG said...

Are you ok; been missing your photos!!

Libbys Blog said...

The tulip is lovely I laughed when I saw the chick pic!
Lovely to get home for Christmas!

Anna said...

Been thinking of you and stopping by daily. Hope that you are well and that you are just enjoying an extended Easter break!

Miss your pics.

:) Take Care....

the other Anna