Sunday, 17 February 2008

February 17 ~ Morning

It was another cold and frosty start to the day here, but what a glorious morning! As planned, I drove to Chester-le-Street again in search of a better vantage point to photograph Lumley Castle from. Unfortunately I couldn't find a spot where the castle wasn't obscured by trees. Undaunted, I packed up my gear and headed to Herrington Country Park in Sunderland instead. This was the sight that greeted me down by the water. I was also fortunate enough to capture a shot of this swan as he flew past along the water's edge:


Anonymous said...

Ooooh it looks cold up there! I love the detail in the first shot and the second shot is perfectly timed! Have a nice sunday {{{HUGS}}} x

Carole said...

Two wonderful shots Anna. What can I say.. You know I admire your work. I hope In a years time I can get as good as you are now. Wonderful..