Monday, 18 February 2008

February 18 ~ Mini-Me's Treasure

He wishes he were a pirate... he loves the idea of treasure. Good thing he doesn't have to bury it though, it would be a mighty big hole!


Anonymous said...

LOL You're Mini-me pictures always manage to make me smile! :o)

Anna, I have been wondering what you use for lighting in your studio? I am hoping to go and get some 'studio' stuff next week and I am always impressed with the light in your's where you tell me it's just a desk lamp (thats what I use lol) {{HUGS}} xx

AB said...

LOL Thanks T --- but it's not just a desk lamp... it's TWO desk lamps! :) :)


Anonymous said...

LOL!! I might wait to see your setup before I splash out on two desk lamps! ;o) {{HUGS}}