Tuesday, 22 January 2008

January 21 ~ Dejected

The tulips are almost done. I didn't get round to posting this yesterday as it was just such a horrid, grey and rainy day that I took the photo and never even looked at it until today. So, here it is. "Dejected" pretty much sums up yesterday's mood for me; all around our area there was snow falling... all EXCEPT Sunderland it seemed! Woke up this morning to pictures on the news of the inches of snow blanketing the North East of England all around, but none here for me.


CG said...

Oh dear, I know just how that tulip feels!! i got some bad news last night, ended up not sleeping and felt very droopy today. But unlike me, that tulip still looks god :)

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear you didn't get snow but hopefully you don't have floods which seems to be the thing 'attacking' the North at the moment. {{{HUGS}}}

AB said...

Thanks you two.

Julie, sending you love and {{HUGS}} hoping things are okay.

T, fortunately flooding isn't a problem here; the houses are built well up and away from the River Wear. xoxo and {{HUGS}}

CG said...

Thanks :) Glad to know you are keeping dry (have emailed you!)

Carole said...

nice shot Anna.

You should've hopped in the car and gone only about 15 mile and you would've had snow.

There was no snow at my workplace and when i got home 3inches of it. 12 mile distance, could you believe it. LOL