Monday, 19 November 2007

November 19 ~ Toujours

Done before by others, but perhaps not with this twist. I'm bilingual, so thought I would try to convey that in an image.

Sorry I've been rubbish at visitng blogs, leaving comments, or taking my own photos for that matter. Been laid low this past week with a bug, so just tried to rest as much as I can. We go to Toronto in about 3 weeks' time, so I want to be as healthy as I can be!


CG said...

How spooky that wedding ring is identical to mine!!!
Feel better soone dear! {{{HUGS}}}

JoAnn - NL "My digital eyes" :) said...

Hi dear Anna,

Saw the photo, are you frnech also? Nice photo welldone...

Yes I missed your visits too, however I was gone for a week to Paris, so..... Its forgiven haha,

I Invite you to look+listen(music) at my PARIS slide show:) This show is giving you a small idea of the French food-drinking-habits . Be welcome:)

Bye JoAnn