Sunday, 11 November 2007

November 11 ~ Stormy Seas

The winds have been high here in the North East lately, and I had the opportunity to head out and photograph the crashing waves this morning. It was cold down there when exposed to the gusts, but I think it was worth it.

These last two photographs are of sculptures at Sunderland Marina. They represent a cormorant taking flight.


JAM said...

Those two lighthouse shots are easily as beautiful and dramatic as any I have ever seen. Truly awesome work. I love how rough the seas were in them.

I really like the sculpture shots too. I'm too artistically challenged to "get" much of modern art, but these are much more something within my range of appreciation. I like them both.

Lori Schmidt (LoriProPhoto) said...

Hi Anna

I have been a real bad blogging buddy and havent visited for ages. I am hopefully starting to get going again. I LOVE your pictures and really hope you are marketing them as posters or framed prints, they are fabulous.

I couldnt see all of the pictures for some reason, but I will check back, I was getting some of them as just little boxes with red x's.

I hope you are well and know that I think of you every day. Hope Talj is also well, havent heard from her in ages. I do know the situation she is in though.



RUTH said...

Fabulous photos of the stormy seas...better than any I've seen even in the media. Have a good weekend

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Andrée said...

That is so beautiful. The first photo: the clouds/sky/water all merge into one. It is so powerful and dramatic. I love it and am awed by it.

CG said...

Wonderful photos Anna. Feel better soon xx