Sunday, 5 August 2007

August 5 ~ Early Start

This morning was one of those times I just love being a photographer. I headed out at 4:20 this morning for St. Mary's Lighthouse; I haven't been there since the end of May as roadworks meant the route I would take was closed at the all-important "stupid-o'clock" time I needed to head there. It was a very promising start; some broken cloud in the sky and a lovely warm breeze. On arrival at the lighthouse I was greeted with a beautiful sky and - even better - not a single other soul present. It was just me, my cameras, and the landscape. Bliss! The only sounds I could hear were the sea birds calling to one another and the sound of the incoming tide. I haven't had such a peaceful photographic experience in quite some time, and I treasured every moment of it. I think the photograph above sums that feling up perfectly for me, as does this one:

Hope you're all well today and that you are enjoying the same beautiful weather we have here today - glorious! {{HUGS}} to you all.


RUTH said...

What a perfect photo. I'm always an early riser but have to travel by foot and still haven't found that perfect view of the sunrise many darned houses in the way!!! Thanks for sharing this perfect moment

Elaine said...

These are beautiful! I have gotten up that early a few times to take photographs, and it's usually worth it!

JoAnn-NL said...

Great shot ! "as usual",

Holiday greetings from me (I also publiced some travel pics )


talj said...

Beautiful Anna! I too love those moments when it's just me and a beautiful landscape! One day it'll happen again!


Anna said...

These are so pretty always.

David said...

I knew I should have got up this morning. Full of good intentions but that's all.

Mike said...

What terrific photos. I just love lighthouses and this is stunning.