Saturday, 4 August 2007

August 4 ~ Crocosmia

Hello again! Yes, I've been here all along taking my daily photos - I've just not been as good about adding them to my blog as I should.

This is one of the blooms from our garden that I took a quick snap of this morning as I liked the vivid orange. Felt very sunshiny, which was apt as we have had a beautiful day here today. Here's hoping tomorrow is as nice - I would love to get out somewhere and take photographs!

Hope you're all well; you're always in my thoughts. {{HUGS}}


RUTH said...

It's been fabulous weather here. I spent a VERY lazy day in the garden reading and chasing dragonflies (finally two settled for a moment and I got some photos!)

JoAnn-NL said...

Isaw this photo later, I really like your style of photography.

How do you make always a black background? I like the way you do it work made in a studio?

I'm just interested . JoAnn