Saturday, 25 August 2007

August 25 ~ Zen-Like

Quiet day today, just enjoying the start of the long weekend here. Lovely to have sunshine, although the breeze was brisk. The day started at 3am for me, when my hayfever woke me. Unable to get back to sleep, I figured I would pack up the camera gear and head out in the hope of some sunrise shots. The sky was so disappointing that I never got the cameras out of the bag.

I took today's photo indoors today, as the wind meant I couldn't get decent shots of flowers outdoors. I am hoping to get out for sunrise tomorrow though - low tide coincides with sunrise, and therefore the causeway out to Holy Island will be open. I haven't been there since early March, so might be a nice time out.


RUTH said...

Started off really foggy here but once the sun broke through it was heatwave time! A bit of a shock to the system after the dismal week. Once again a great photo....Hope you get your sunrise :o)

CG said...

We are planning a gardening rather than a photography weekend but hope you get great shots. Really like this one.

JoAnn-NL "Through my Dutch eyes" :) said...

Hi Anna,
What a pity that you had not a reall good (Camera)day, however this photo is mayby expressing you feelings?

I like this 'sober' shot anyway..even thoug its indoors.

My day was busy so I could not post (yesterday I did) another "Holland"historie-story.

Bye (try to) have fun, :) JoAnn