Tuesday, 24 July 2007

July 24 ~ Pegged

At long last, I'm all caught up. Sorry it's taken me so long to get back up to speed with things; it's just been one of those times LOL.

I got a gift from Chris - the D-Xenon 50-200mm lens for my Samsung GX10. It's lovely to have an autofocus zoom lens for this camera. While my Nikon D50 is still my main camera, the more I use the Samsung, the more I love it.

These are just a few clothes pegs lying on the garden bench that sits right beside the clothesline. I just liked the different textures in the wood and thought it would work well in mono.

Hope you're all well; although I've not posted or commented much recently, you're all in my thoughts. {{HUGS}}

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RUTH said...

The song "Jake the peg" is running round in my brain now. :o)