Sunday, 22 April 2007

Playing Catch-Up -- AGAIN!

Hello once again from the vanishing Anna! I have been absent from my blogging routine due to niggles with the home network, but think we've got things sorted out now. As a result, I'm playing catch-up for the 2nd time with my PAD photos. These are from Wednesday the 18th through to yesterday (Saturday 21st).

April 18 ~ Tulip

April 19 ~ Opened

April 20 ~ Insides

April 21 ~ Ranunculus

I need to do some MAJOR catching up on all the blogs I visit - between internet niggles and some very busy times at work, I've fallen so far behind. Apologies to all of you, particularly those who take the time to comment on my blog. I'm a BAD blogging friend! Bad, bad! LOL I'll try and rectify this as soon as I can.



CG said...

Hello bad blogging friend (NOT!) :) We missed you!! Glad your're still taking your lovely photos. That tulip series is really special.

Hope all is well with the network from now on!

Sheila said...

Love the ranunculus, they are one of my faves.
Don't apologize for not posting or commenting. You NEED a 'blogging without obligation' button..!
Remember this is for fun, real life comes first.

Lori Schmidt (LoriProPhoto) said...

I am back!!!!

Well sorta kinda. Don't worry if you are a "bad blogging friend" then so am I LOL. I have managed to keep the daily posts up but have also got seriously behind on the visits and comments, so I am trying to get through everyone alphabetically :-)

I just love your Woody and flower shots. We had such a bad run of late cold weather and all of our spring blooms are dead before they really every formed :-( so it is a joy to see all of yours. I still have to try your reflection trick, have all the bits but just no time.

Sorry to hear that all of your clients at the new branch are giving you grey hairs. Hope they all work out.

Keep smiling and ((((((Huge Hugs))))). I will try to keep up but Sheila is right, this is meant to be fun and I really enjoy the catching up when I get the chance, makes me feel great knowing that I have all of my blogging buddies there with me. Thanks and take care.


talj said...

Good to say you back Anna. Hope the network get's sorted out soon :o)

Really nice detail in each of these shots! :o)

Anna said...

These are wonderful Anna.....I like the way you play catch up! :)

Elaine said...

These are lovely!