Thursday, 1 March 2007

March 1 ~ Thoughts of Spring

Here it is, the first of March - not long now till Spring is here. I love this time of year; the birds are once again starting their pre-dawn chorus, and I really like lying in bed snuggled under the duvet in the semi-dark, listening to their cacophony of song through the open window.

I also have this fading tulip - just goes to show that just because a flower is technically past its best, it doesn't mean that it can't make an intriguing photo - I love the textures in the slowly shrivelling petals, and the intense wine-red colour of what was once blood-red.

I signed up my first two mortgages today, at long last! It's been a tremendously busy yet exciting day for me in that respect. I have finally broken the duck; the applications will come in more frequently now (or will at least seem to!). It's nice that I got them in today as well, seeing as tomorrow is my last day in the office for a week - I'm being sent on yet another course.

Hope you are all having a lovely day, and thank you for visiting! {{{HUGS}}}


talj said...

WOOHOO!! Way to go with the mortgages, excellent news!! Sorry to hear you will be away next week :o( I'll sure miss your blog and your comments :o( Hurry back!!!

Lovely photos! I'd be interested to know what kind of lighting you use with your flower shots?

{{{{HUGE HUGS}}}} xx

Kaycee said...

Beautiful floral shots, AB! I especially like the way you used the tulip which was fading because you made it look so artistic!

Congratulations on your success at work! (My Dad was a banker for 40 years and he work in the mortgage department at one time.)

Anna said...

Love the pink! SO WARM!
I'll miss hanging out here while you are gone.
Take care....
~the other Anna :)

RUTH said...

You've captured the residual beauty of the tulip really well. Glad you got a couple of mortgage sign ups.

CG said...

Congratulations on the mortgages:)

I always think tulips, like roses, look beautiful as they fade. You have captured this so well.

Sorry to hear you'll be away for a week!


Libbys Blog said...

Just goes to show that things don't have to be perfect to be photographed!! Love the colour of ths tulip!

Ash said...

Beautiful....i love pink!

Olivier said...

je suis vraiment impressionné par ta serie, et ta mise en scene. les fleurs sont vraiment mises en valeur.Bravo
Je te souhaite un bon weekend

I am really impressed by your series, and your setting in scene. the flowers are really development. Cheer I wish you a good weekend

The Harbour of Ourselves said...

beautifully shot - you guys who produce a pic a day are amazing - i struggle

love the warmth of expectation.....

Lori Schmidt (LoriProPhoto) said...

LOL Talj tht was my first reaction too WOOOHOOOO on the morgages, go girl! Hurry back though we will miss you.

I like the top closer cropped pic the most. Reminds me of Eastbourne and the Tulips along the beach front. Also Pink is my favorite color.