Wednesday, 28 February 2007

February 28 ~ Exposure

Well.... it WAS exposing itself, this physalis! :D Cheeky little thing. I guess I'm a bit warped, perhaps, but it was the first word that came into my mind when I saw this subject (the other one was Ta-dahhh!).

I love the papery, textured feel of the physalis's bell; the look of it always fascinates me. I remember some of these growing in our back yard when I was younger, and I recall them being referred to as "Chinese Lanterns" which is such an evocative name. I can picture strings of these, illuminated from within, hanging in an Imperial garden.

I'm taking a rather big photographic plunge today (for me, anyhow). I've decided to submit a portfolio of 10 images to Outdoor Photography magazine. I don't expect to get any results from this, it's more of a personal milestone for me, is all. If I don't try, I will never know if I COULD make it. This way at least I can say I've given it a shot.

I'm still on tenterhooks waiting to hear if I've won the Location Portrait competition being run by DSLR User Magazine; I think the next issue is out on March 15th, and that's when the winner and the 2 runners-up will be published. I feel like I have every possible digit crossed!

Hope you've all had (or are having) a lovely Wednesday, and {{{HUGS}}} to you all!


talj said...

Physalis make fantastic subjects! Nicely done! I hope that your finger crossing pays off and you here very soon if you have won!!

Best of luck with OP too. A tough one to get in to and I admire you for giving it a go!! Good on ya!


Looking forward to March sooooo much! :o)

CG said...

I've had lots of experience og physalis lately LOL. They are very photogenic and I like the reflection a lot. That sheet of perspex is a very useful accessory!

Good luck with the Comp and with OP!! P will be so jealous if you get in as he has been rejected!!


RUTH said...

Oh dear I thought the same Ta-dahhh
Some physalis (the cape gooseberry) are edible but the bright orange ones (chinese lanterns) are don't get mixed up! Everything crossed for you re: the competition.

Anna said...

Good for you entering your images. I think that is great Anna! I like this one....

Lori Schmidt (LoriProPhoto) said...

I have gotten behind on my commenting and see that I have missed 4 days of yours!!! Wow they are all great. I love your perspex, is it black or clear with black fabric underneath it? I really must get my hands on a piece.

Good luck with Practical Photography and Digital Photography, will keep my fingers and toes crossed for you on both, way to go, you are far more adventurous that I am.

Dont worry about getting behind, I am managing to post ever day but not always getting to comment so I am in the same boat. (((HUGS)))


Elaine said...

Another wonderful shot.

Good luck in the competition!

Carmi said...

It takes guts to submit stuff. Words, images, anything you've created: we run the very real risk of rejection every time we send the envelope in.

But if we don't submit the envelope, we self-reject ourselves before we've even had a chance to begin. My philosophy has always been that I may as well roll the dice and see what happens. How cool that you share it!

Good luck...we'll be watching!

Kaycee said...

Fantastic news about your photo portfolio, Anna! Good for you!
I really like your Chinese latern photo because of the fine details. We call them Chinese laterns here in the US and they remind me of autumn.

JCR said...

Hi Anna, been a while since I checked in. Fantastic photos as always, congrats on being short-listed for the location portrait competition!