Tuesday, 6 February 2007

February 6 ~ Fancy a Swim?

"Come on in, the water's fine!" called Huey to Louie.

"Brrr.... it looks chilly!" chattered Louie.

This is one of my only attempts at "colour popping" - I can see where I made a couple of boo-boos on the ducks, but I'm still proud of what I've achieved with this shot. It was fun trying something different, although the grumbles out of me while trying to colour the ducks in again might lead you to believe otherwise!

I feel a lot better today, although I have been awake tossing and turning in bed since 2am. I'm going to try for another early night tonight to catch up on my lost sleep.

Today's been a really good day - the roleplays went just fine, and I found out what bank branches I will be based at as of Monday. To my great delight, I'm going back to the branch I was at up until December 1st - this time as the mortgage specialist rather than the financial adviser. I'll spend 3 days a week there, and the remaining 2 days a week will be at a branch less than 5 minutes' drive from our front door! I'm really looking forward to getting started; I've been floating around "training" for the new role since the start of December, so I'm now ready to return to a sense of normalcy at work.


CG said...

Have not met the ducks before!! I think you've done a great job on these little chaps. Glad your day went well and you got good news about your job! Sleep well!

talj said...

Great attempt at the colour popping. Good to hear about your job and your easy journey to work! Well for 2 days anyway!! :o)

Kaycee said...

Great news about your job, AB! My Dad was in the banking business for 40 years and he handled mortages, too.

Fantastic photo with the ducks!

Pat said...

Love the ickle duckies, AB!

RUTH said...

A great photo. Being a "click and hope" photographer ....what is colour popping?
Glad you feel a bit better...hope you got that early night.

AB said...

Thank you everyone!

Yes, I did indeed get that early night, and feel SO much better for it.

Colour popping is an editing technique where you selectively colour your photograph. Most of it has been converted to B&W, but you then "colour in" certain elements of your image to return them to colour. I didn't like this photo in colour, so thought I would try that route, as I liked how the rubber ducks stood out against the limited colours. :)

Sharon said...

Cute! The duck 'up top' doesn't look at all keen to dive in! Interesting technique - I'll have to give it a try :-)

Lori Schmidt (LoriProPhoto) said...

Great "color popping" attempt. Fun setup too. Glad your day went well and I am happy that your job is getting itself sorted out, as well as you getting a good night's rest.