Tuesday, 13 February 2007

February 13 ~ We Need a Bigger Pond!

"We need a bigger pond," said Daisy to Donald. "We seem to have outgrown this one."

"Well," said Donald, as he struggled to free himself, "we aren't ducklings anymore!"

Guess these two will be househunting soon!

It's been a rough night and rough day - the Night Nurse managed to make me feel as if I'd been hit by a sledgehammer, and made me feel suitably drowsy and almost inebriated, but I didn't sleep much all the same. As a result, I was rather wooly-headed at work today. Good news is, it looks as if I'll be signing up my first mortgage customer tomorrow! Not bad - 1 appointment seen, 1 signup! :D I'll keep you posted. Right now, I have a date with Night Nurse!


talj said...

LOL What a great shot! Maybe you can get them a paddling pool for the summer!?! That should be big enough! ;o)

Congrats on the sign up!! Hope it all goes to plan! :o) I also hope you are feeling much better in the morning!! :o)


Sheila said...

Love the photo..!
If you can win a client over feeling like you do, just imagine what you will do when you feel better !!

Anna said...

Cute photo. I have had dates with Night Nurse too...hope you feel better tomorrow.

the other Anna

Kaycee said...

Congratulations on your sign up, Anna! That is wonderful news. I hope that the Night Nurse does its job soon! Your duck photo really brings a smile to my face!

RUTH said...

This really made me smile :-)
Night Nurse can knock you out. Perhaps you should take Day Nurse during the day. Hope you feel better soon.

Anonymous said...

Was Donald and Daisy your 1st sign up? :)
Just kidding...well done on your 1st success and hope you have many more.

CG said...

Sounds like the cure was worse than the ailment, Anna!

This photo really made me laugh out loud this morning!! Thanks.

Hope work continues to go well. x

jerski said...

nice pictures,
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Pat said...

Oh, Anna... Night Nurse sounds like a good idea for both of us.

At least this photo brought a smile to my face!

Pat said...

And... forgot to say Congrats on the sign up! Wonderful news!

Libbys Blog said...

Well done! Great photo! and hope your feeling better soon!!