Sunday, 11 February 2007

February 11 ~ Sunny Side Up

I love the colour of egg yolks - so sunshiny and cheerful. Perfect for a day like today, when the sun didn't make an appearance yet again. I know they say that it rises every morning and sets every evening, but it sure didn't feel like the sun bothered today!

I'm still full of cold and am feeling sorry for myself - thank you to those who provided me with hugs yesterday, they sure helped! I've been taking it easy again today, dosing myself up with tea and lemon as well as paracetemol. Can't say for certain whether it's done any good, but it sure hasn't done me any harm. Fingers crossed that I get some sleep tonight - it's a big day at work tomorrow!

Hope you're all having a lovely Sunday and enjoying yourselves. :)


Sharon said...

That looks like a nice fresh egg - it's a lovely colour :-)

Anna said...

I love that photo the States our eggshells are white so I like the brown shells too! I hope that you are on the mend. Thanks for visiting me again.

I will get that pic!

The "other" Anna :)

Anonymous said...

All it needs now is a couple of bangers, beans and some black pudding, yummy.

Libbys Blog said...

That is a lovely photo. I would never in a month of Sundays thought to take a pic of an uncooked egg!!!!

Sheila said...

Great photo..sunshine in a shell..
hope you are soon better, and tomorrow goes well for you.

Lori Schmidt (LoriProPhoto) said...

Love the egg picture, I havent seen a brown egg in a while either.

Sorry you are still feeling bad. The hot toddy recipe that I gave Talj is a good one, it is the fresh ginger that is the key element in it. Although it tastes vile it sure picks you up in the morning. I will repeat it here.

1 tot whiskey (optional but it will help you sleep)
squeeze one lemon
tablespoon or two honey
piece of fresh ginger chopped up as fine as you can (probably about 1 teaspoon when chopped)
Half a cup of HOT water, let it steep a bit to draw out the ginger and drink it down as hot as you can drink it (without burning yourself!) then climb into bed.

I also always take lots of vitamin C, either the tablets or those ones that fizz in a cup of water (double dose) for a few days. Seems to help me every time.


Kaycee said...

What a fun photo for a Sunday morning! I hope that you feel better very soon. Best of luck with your big day tomorrow!

talj said...

That's a cracking shot, Anna! Hope your cold gets better soon and all the best for work tomorrow!!!

Love from Talj and CG xx

RUTH said...

Lori has the right idea for a cold's eggsactly what I'd have....get well soon.

Mike said...


Thanks for visiting my blog and linking me.

I like this shot, great colours. it does make you feel hungry though.

Mike said...

Oh mean to say that I have linked you from my Picture A Week blog.