Sunday, 7 January 2007

January 6 ~ No, Not Yet!

I have three wooden figurines - Flex, Ayla, and Mini-Me. No doubt those of you who read this blog will come to know them much, much better over the coming days and months. They like to pose for photos, and find themselves in all sorts of situations. Needless to say, they give me a lot of fun and inspiration!

Here, Flex is busy trying to put away the Christmas decorations, but Mini-Me thinks it's too soon; he objects to Flex trying to pack away his Christmas stocking, so clambered inside it in protest! Flex takes things in his stride though - he simply picked up the stocking, Mini-Me and all and continued his tidying. As a result, Mini-Me soon gave up his protest and let the decorations be put away until next Christmas.

The stocking was a find Chris made at Michael's, an arts and crafts supply store chain. There's one near to Mom and Dad's in Oakville, and we stoppped there to find some bits and pieces for Flex, Ayla and Mini-Me. Loved this stocking as soon as I saw it!

I'm so relieved I managed to get a photo taken today; I would have been pretty discouraged if I'd missed a fourth day in a row!


Patz said...

Fantastic to see our two little models again, Anna. Guess now that you're safely back home in England, we'll be seeing lots of them on dark and gloomy days!

Love them to bits!

talj said...

Thew wooden figures help so much with learning about light and I love how fun you make them :o)

aus said...

just discovered your site, Loved it''' as I'm fairly new to photography hoping to learn a lot from your postings