Saturday, 7 June 2008

June 6 ~ Mallory Park

I had a FANTASTIC day! I was lucky enough to be selected by Digital SLR User magazine as one of 4 finalists in their Speed competition. This is the photo that got me my place on the day:

Drove down to Leicestershire early to meet up with the other winners - what a great bunch! We had a superb time - thank you very, very much to DSLR User and Mark Fagleson who was incredibly helpful and approachable and really taught us a lot. What a tremendous experience! We each had to work under incredible amounts of pressure and to very tight deadlines, and produce a portfolio of our 4 best images of the day. Here are 2 of my favourites from my portfolio (I'm sure more will turn up here over the coming days!):


Evil Pixie said...

Congratulations! It is quite an honor to be one of only four selected. I love the perspective of Vroom!

Carole said...

Well done Anna your images are outstanding. I'm pleased you had a good day. Sorry I didn't get to speak more to you on friday but you did have a few people to go round. Did you win the final, you never said?

I'm pleased you had some good help and advice from them there. It's awful when no-one helps you when you're clueless and leaves you standing not knowing what to do.