Sunday, 6 April 2008

April 6 ~ Forked

Not the nicest weather today, so it's a day for indoor photography. I've been trying to work on some monochrome images for upcoming camera club competitions, so came up with this one.

I also went back into the archives. This shot is from February 2007 and the JPEG lay untouched since then (apart from having been backed up onto a DVD). I just found that my processing skills at that time meant I didn't have an image I was proud of; I knew there was something there though. I have recently read a tutorial on making an HDR-like image out of a single JPEG file and figured it would be the ideal shot to give it a go with. I just opened the JPEG 5 times in Photomatix Pro and then tonemapped it. Voila. Useable image! I'm really quite pleased with it, too.

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