Monday, 21 April 2008

April 21 ~ Rework

Today's photos were not taken today, but they were edited today. A suggested to me yesterday that I have a go at converting a recently tonemapped version of Winding Road into B&W - it's a shot I like very much and although I love my original B&W version for its layers and its softness, A thought converting the tonemapped colour version would give a different feel altogether. As he often is about my photos, he was right. LOL

The next two shots are more from yesterday's Cafe meet at Formby. The first is another red squirrel shot, but the second needs a wee bit more explanation. A and I figured we should bring some toys to play with, and try and tempt the squiggles to them with some peanut butter. Enter the alarm clock. The tree stump it's sitting on was covered with some peanut butter, and we set up cameras and tripods a distance away, ready to capture the inquisitive squiggles. After sitting there for a while, we realized they weren't coming out to play. Oh well.....

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minxlj said...

Aw, that squirrel shot is so amazing!!! I have a few cute grey squirrel shots, but the reds are just so pretty (I love their fuzzy ears!)

Brilliant work!