Monday, 31 March 2008

March 31 ~ Anemone

Not much to say today. It's been hectic at work but a beautiful day; I made sure to get outdoors for five minutes over my lunch break to enjoy the sunshine. I'm starting to look forward to early May, when I've arranged to join a group of photographers on a birds of prey photoshoot. They did one last year that I was not able to attend, and the shots they got were stunning. I'm hoping to get some half as good!

Just a few days now till A and T are up this way; I can't wait to see them!!

Here are another couple of shots from yesterday morning's shoot with A:


Anonymous said...

Really beautiful cityscapes Anna, very nicely done!

I am currently 'raising' a few ickle Anemone from seed (or is it bulb...I cant remember!) and hope they turn out as pretty as this one!

A and I are super busy at the moment trying to get everything ready for Friday...infact I leave for A's on Thursday so I have 1 less day to get ready! We are both really looking forward to seeing you's going to be wonderful! I will reply to your email tomorrow, dont let me forget! {{HUGS}} xx

Carole said...

Beautiful colour in the anemone anna. Very well lit.

Thankyou Anna for your inspiration for going over old photos using Photomatix. It's a wonderful tool for ehancing what sometimes were plain shots. My Quayside ones were ok as is, but now I like them much better. Thank you anna. You realise it's all your fault my tinkering around. I see your wonderful shots and wish I could be as good. I hope you don't mind me trying it out and learning from you.


Anonymous said...

It's beautiful ...reminds me of the rooftops from Mary Poppins ;)