Monday, 24 March 2008

March 24 ~ Film Star

Like many film stars, he's very wrapped up in himself!

It's been a lovely long weekend - hope all of you who celebrate Easter had a marvellous time. Those of you who don't, I hope you enjoyed a nice break from work or school. The four day break has done me the world of good; I feel refreshed and ready to tackle the coming months. I don't have any leave at work until the end of June, so this has recharged my batteries nicely. Unfortunately, the weather this weekend was anything but kind to us, so I only had one trip out with the camera the whole weekend, and that was Sunday evening's shoot on Gateshead's Quayside with A. C and I went out Friday morning for sunrise, but never even got out of the car; what looked so promising when we headed out quickly turned into a damp squib. Oh well, there's always next weekend!


Kikiphotos said...

My name is Christian, I am French and speack a little English.
I am too a photographer amateur.
I find you take very beautiful pictures.
Every day I will came in your blog because I enjoy your pictures !
You take this photos with what camara ? Nikon ? Canon ?
If you want, I have a blog photo :

Good Bye and Good luck ;)


Golightly said...

Great photos! I forgot how I landed here. Hmm. But I'll be back!

CG said...

LOL as usual your little friends make me SMILE!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Anna, do you edit your pictures after taking them, or do you leave them as is when uploading? Either way, I have to say, your work is truly magnificent, and I really enjoy looking at it. It just always leaves me wondering, "How the heck did she do that?!"