Monday, 24 March 2008

March 22 ~ Physalis

Today's photo is a result of a wander in the grocery store the other day. Physalis (or should that be physali? I don't know... ) are fun to photograph, and they taste good too!

I spent much of today editing photos. I always keep my original RAW files and often come back to them months later when I have learned more about editing. These are photos from a while back that I have never processed before as the skills eluded me. Now I've been able to produce final images that I'm really proud of.

The first is of the pier in Whitby, North Yorkshire. I took this almost exactly a year ago, but due to my lack of processing skills the untouched RAW file has been sitting on my hard drive ever since. Next is a photo from last October on my first trip to the Lake District. These are some of the boats lined up on the shores of Derwentwater, ready for the tourists. The third photograph is a shot I took in May 2007 of one of the life preservers at the Fish Quay in North Shields, Tyne and Wear. The last image is of a lookout hut on Roker Beach in Sunderland. I took this in January this year but never did anything with the RAW file until today. Today's image processing has been a lesson to me to not bin my RAW files, ever!


Carole said...

Great HDR photos Anna. And you said you were rubbish at editing. Bahh you are great.I love the one from whitby

Elaine said...

I've never heard of a Physalis. It looks like a fruit...
Your other photos are wonderful. I, too, sometimes go back and re-edit. I have learned a lot about processing, but still don't know most of what Photoshop can do.