Sunday, 2 March 2008

March 2 ~ New View

Some photographic inspiration has arrived at last! Went to a beach I'd never visited before. It's about a mile north of St. Mary's Island where I normally go, and gives a wonderful view of the lighthouse and the rocks along the coast. The tide was coming in, and I loved the calm feeling that washed over me as the waves swept in over the rocks. It would have been nice to have a touch more cloud in the sky for sunrise, but it was a good shoot nonetheless. I will definitely be visiting often!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful Anna! One of my favourite past times is just sitting on my favourite beach and watching waves, there is something so calming about it. You have definitely captured that peacefulness and I am so glad you managed to find a little inspiration today :o) {{{BIG HUGS}}} x

Carole said...

Lovely images Anna. Wish I could get there but my back and legs won't allow me to walk far or walk down loads of steps and climb over stones. It's really getting me down at the moment cos i feel i'm loosing all my confidence because of it. silly i know. I'm just a bit down today as it would've been my Mums birthday.