Sunday, 24 February 2008

February 24 ~ Waves

A lovely and mild morning, but unfortunately not much of a sunrise. At least I managed to find a new location. Went out and met up with D and E this morning and we wandered down to this little cove. The rocks are beautiful down there, and on a morning with a nice sky it could be stunning. Well worth another visit!


Carole said...

This is really lovely Anna. You've captured the waves beautifully. I do wish I could get up in a morning to meet you all but the journey makes me have to rise at 5am and i do enough early mornngs like that for work during the week and i'm not getting any younger (i need my sleep at weekend) LOL

talj said...

Still a beautiful morning Anna, lovely silkiness to the water and great colour and moddiness to the sky :o) {{HUGS}}