Saturday, 2 February 2008

February 2 ~ Cherry Soda

This is today's photo. It's a reshoot of an idea I had a few months back, but didn't get the focus quite right that time. Now I've redone it, I've entered it in Digital SLR User Magazine's Kitchen Macro competition. Keep your fingers crossed for me please! :)

What a wonderful day it's been today. Chris and I headed out together at 7am, armed with our cameras. We enjoyed a lovely sunrise on the beach, then got the week's grocery shopping over with nice and early before the hordes descended on the supermarket. I can't describe what a terrific feeling it was to be out taking photos with Chris - seeing him using a camera and enjoying himself was amazing. Here's to many more such outings to come! This is my favourite shot of the morning:


Anonymous said...

It is so lovely that Chris has finally been biten by the photography bug! It sounds like you two had the perfect start to your weekend and the pictures are beautiful! I' keep everything crossed for you in the comp :o) {{{HUGS}}} to you both :o)

Andrée said...

You should win. I can't imagine anything more perfect. How in the world do you get the bubbles? The sunrise photo is awesome.

Anna said...

I love that cherry shot. I hope that you win! :)