Tuesday, 8 January 2008

January 8 ~ Eat Your Heart Out, Bill Oddie!

Bill Oddie calls himself a birdwatcher? Mini-Me goes one better; the birds seek HIM out! I just wish I had gotten that near to some blue jays while we were in Ontario; I didn't manage a single shot of one (nor any cardinals).


CG said...

Such cute little birds :)

Kaycee said...

You are so clever, AB!
I see cardinals and blue jays at my parents' house, but I only seem to attrack chickadees at my bird feeder.

Anonymous said...

Oh your woody shots always make me chuckle Anna, I am amazed how many 'little bits' you can find for them!

Thanks for your comment, I'll make sure we get to bring Oscar to meet you too this year!

{{{HUGS}}} xx