Sunday, 13 January 2008

January 13 ~ Leaving the Wear

Departing the mouth of the River Wear at Roker, sailing for distant shores.

I'm so glad I went out to the beach with my camera this morning; it's the most inspired I've felt in quite some time, and I feel I've brought back some images worth being proud of. This one is my favourite, as I don't often see such large ships leaving the river and the light just seemed "right" today. I also like this one very much though:


CG said...

They have a magical quality; i especially like the second. You really seem to have developed a signiature style in landscape work. Hope you're having a great weekend :)

Lori Schmidt (LoriProPhoto) said...

Hi Anna
Glad you had a great holiday and that you are back safe and sound. As usual I love your photos, the variety of pictures of that lighthouse are amazing and as I have said before I hope you are thinking of making up a series of postcards or prints of these, they are wonderful. All of your other shots of the woodies and goodies in general would also make wonderful wall art/posters for classrooms or children's bedrooms. You have such a talent and I hope you are using it to your advantage.

Think of you often ((((Hugs)))


Kaycee said...

All of your hard work pays off. These are fantastic! I just wish that I could tag along with you with my camera just once!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful as always Anna! You always produce wonderful images from your early mornings...I'd find it hard to keep my eyes open!! Hope you have had a great weekend and you enjoy the week {{{NUGS}}}

CG said...

OOOH...just had to say fabulous new header Anna :)