Saturday, 12 January 2008

January 11 ~ Don't Laugh At My Hat!

"Arrrr, that will teach you to laugh at my hat, you spotted cur!" Pirate Duck was not at all pleased that Spotty Duck had a fit of giggles when she spotted his hat. Spotty Duck is not at all amused now - she doesn't like this new hat, and is very sorry for making Pirate Duck upset.


CG said...

You have the best duck collection :)

Anonymous said...

Great shot! I had a few ducks before I moved but sadly they all 'floated away' in the move :o( However my brother bought me some really cool ones for christmas :o)

We'll have to have a 'duck' meet lol

{{{HUGS}}} enjoy the rest of your weekend x

Kaycee said...

This photo brought a smile to my face!