Sunday, 4 November 2007

November 4 ~ Grey Morning

After yesterday's lovely sunrise, I was hoping for more of the same today. What a disappointment. This is the only shot I took. I'm just not sure whether I prefer it as shot, or cropped to a portrait format.

EDIT: Ok, these have been up here for about an hour now, and upon re-examination, I think I prefer the landscape format. While the portrait format does emphasize that reflection, I feel that overall it's too cramped. The landscape version has more space.


CG said...

Both very effective but i tend to agree with you!

Kerri said...

Both look wonderful....but I agree and like the landscape one best.

Anonymous said...

I agrre withyour & the two above assessments

JAM said...

Both shots are beautifully done, and I tend to like landscape shots over vertical shots for some reason. Maybe I'd be better off using a square format, but at any rate, I take a huge percentage of my shots in landscape.

I like the top one as well because the sky is a little darker and more dramatic in it than the sky of the vertical shot.

They both have that "zone system" look of great black and white photos.