Sunday, 7 October 2007

October 7 ~ Beach Detail

Alternatively known as "The Sunrise That Wasn't". Headed out around 6:00 this morning hoping to catch a lovely sunrise along the coast. Seeing as I missed out on a beauty yesterday, I didn't want to let a second opportunity pass me by. I guess it was payback for yesterday - I was greeted with low cloud and mist, nothing remotely photogenic. Serves me right for getting all ready to head out yesterday, then dozing off on the sofa instead of getting out there! Oh well. Today, apart from the fact that the sky lightened from gunmetal grey to not-so-gunmetal grey, you wouldn't have known there even WAS a sunrise. I decided, therefore, to work on some detail shots instead (and an opportunistic grab shot of some passing swans taken as I was packing up to head home).


RUTH said...

No sunrise to be seen here either; in fact it's been grey all day :o(
I wish I had your talent to make a piece of seaweed or a stone on a beach into a work of art :o)

CG said...

That middle photo has such elegant simplicity! Love it!

JAM said...

I like all three of these a lot. Though I must confess that the top one has me wondering exactly what it is there.

Like cg, I especially like the middle one.