Sunday, 30 September 2007

September 30 ~ Waves

Another beautiful morning here. It was crisp and fresh, with a brisk breeze. Even so, I found it tough to get up and get out there with the camera for dawn. Once I arrived at the beach, it was another struggle still to make myself get out of the warmth of the car and set up, since the sky was looking doubtful. In the end, I made myself get out - if nothing else, the walk would do me good! I'm glad I did; I was rewarded with another lovely sunrise. I spent some time using slower shutter speeds; it was high tide and I wanted to soften the crashing waves. Here are another couple of my favourites from today.


CG said...

Glad you got out of the car; that second photo is my the sky!

JoAnn - NL "My digital eyes" :) said...

Great shots like in (or out of a )a book, brrrrfg looks cold indeed, but you did it!
Very well shots!:)

JAM said...

Wow, what a spectacular set of photos!

In the top one, I love how the rows and lines of the clouds mimic the lines of the surf.

These are the kinds of photos that pierce my soul. This kind of scenery helps remind me that my problems that seem so huge aren't really so big after all.