Monday, 10 September 2007

September 10 ~ Don't Make Me Hurt You!

"If you misbehave, I shall have to beat you," said Mr. Egg menacingly. Brown Egg quaked in its shell.

It's been a long day today - 6:30am I left home to pick up two work colleagues and drive us to Durham train station. We were on our way to Leeds for a day's conference which was due to begin at 9:45am. We managed to get as far as York on the train, and upon pulling into the station we were informed that the train would now terminate at York rather than continuing on to Leeds and then Manchester Airport as "the cables between York and Leeds have been stolen". That's a new one!

Buses were being put on to get all travellers around the problem area, but they were slow in arriving. We all then decided to get taxis to Leeds, about a £40 journey away. Needless to say, MANY of us attending the conference today were late! I think there were about 150 delegates from around the North of England, and most of us were affected by the disruption.

Better still, the taxi driver we ended up with first tried to drop us off at the Queen's Hotel in York rather than in Leeds, then proceeded to declare that he hated driving in Leeds when we told him we didn't want the York hotel but the Leeds one! Strange man LOL.

After an eventful morning, we finally arrived at our destination and I am happy to report that the remainder of the day went relatively smoothly. I'm tired now though!


CG said...

What a nightmare journey! Glad your day eventually went ok. Your photo really made me smile! we were driving round Leeds yesterday - round and round in fact, as once again P got lost. Leeds is his Jonah city for navigating round for some reason!

RUTH said...

Great photo; I imagine you're "beat" yourself after the day you had!