Wednesday, 22 August 2007

August 22 ~ Bud

It's been another busy, busy day today. Good day, but tiring. It's lovely to come home and just relax. Photography sure is a wonderful way for me to do just that. Today's photo is yet another cornflower; I so love these blooms!

I really liked the droplets on this, and thought I was taking a creative, beautiful macro shot. Chris then looked at it, laughed, and said he liked it as it looked like the bud had a face! He told me it made him think of Beaker from The Muppet Show. Now every time I look at the photo, I can't help but smile. LOL

For those of you unfamiliar with Beaker, have a look at this:

I have been nominated for an award, thanks to my lovely blog friend Ruth. Thank you!!

As it's been such a tiring day today, I haven't decided on my nominations yet; I'm going to sleep on it, and hopefully post mine tomorrow. Thinking of you all and sending you {{HUGS}}


RUTH said...

It does look like Beaker....LOL Thanks for accepting the award :o)

meeyauw said...

It does! But it does not detract from the beauty of your photo. It is a highly stylized Beaker photo, and it is more dramatic than he!

Elaine said...

Well, I didn't see the face until I read your post. Great macro shot!

Anna said...

These are great. I just got my macro lens and when my tripod gets here...I am going to be a busy girl! Any useful tips? Oh, and I love Beaker, he was always my favorite! :)

Have a great weekend!

CG said...

I so love cornflowers and you're doing a great job with them!