Thursday, 12 July 2007

July 12 ~ Taking the Plunge

I enjoyed playing with art supplies and fizzy lemonade so much yesterday that I decided to carry over the theme to today's photo. I must point out, however, that fizzy lemonade is NOT the liquid of choice for the effective cleaning of one's paintbrushes! I do like the bubble trails though - shows the action of the brush plunging into the liquid.

I'm really pleased that the week is almost over - I am heading to Fountains Abbey near Ripon, North Yorkshire on Sunday with several photography group friends, and the long-range weather forecast is looking good. It will be great to see folks again and to meet new internet friends as well. I have only ever been to Fountains Abbey once, and that was this past autumn, so it will be good to view the area in a different season and with different light. I particularly love the cellarium there - fantastic textures in the stonework, and wonderful lines and detail. I'm hoping to get some images that I can enter into competitions. It will also be great to get ideas and tips from others. It always amazes me how the same scene can be viewed and interpreted in so many different ways by photographers. Fascinating!

I hope you're all well - my hayfever's been going haywire lately. I don't usually find myself particularly affected in the UK, but this "summer" has been rather out of the ordinary. I spent a large part of last night awake and sneezing.... yuck!

All in my thoughts, as ever. {{HUGS}}

Here's a shot of the cellarium at Fountains Abbey, taken last autumn:


talj said...

Both excellent shots Anna. Hope you have a great time at Fountains Abbey, so sorry I can't join you all :o(

{{HUGS}} xx

RUTH said...

Another clever photo. Bet you'll have a wonderful time at Fountains Abbey...nice to meet people with a common interest. Hope you sleep better tonight.

Anna said...

Beautiful and I love the bottom shot and how you framed it.

Elaine said...

The brush in lemonade is another shot I would never have thought of. Really neat. Your Abbey shot is beautiful.

JAM said...

Really nice shot. Definitely one of those places I'd love to stop and listen, if only walls could talk. All the centuries of stories...

CG said...

Really clever and creative Anna. Hope you get decent weather for the Abbey! {{HUGS}}

Lori Schmidt (LoriProPhoto) said...

Hi Anna

I have finally caught up on your blog. Your photos always inspire me. I just wish I had half of the creative eye that you have. The colors are always so vibrant and the ideas so unique. Your flower shots are also amazing. Do you shoot these with available light on a black background and if so what do you use? I have a piece of black felt and black cotton fabric and I would love to get my hands on a piece of good black velvet. In South Africa I had velvet backdrops (small ones for head and shoulder portraits, product shots etc. about 90cm wide and 6 foot long) in every color you could get and also crushed velvet which had a nice effect too. I was amazed that it is so hard to get it here, no-one seems to stock it (the good stuff anyway that is non reflective). I found one place online that does have it, I must order a piece.

Always in my thoughts ((((Hugs)))


Kaycee said...

You are so creative, Anna! Your photos are colorful and fantastic!
I hope that you are feeling better, too. My allegies have been acting up this summer.
Have a wonderful time at Fountains Abbey. I look forward to viewing your photos.