Wednesday, 6 June 2007


Here are today's and yesterday's photos; I took today off to recharge my batteries as I was feeling really under the weather yesterday. I'm pleased to report that I'm feeling MUCH better now :)

June 5 ~ Candyscape

Mini-Me's giant lollipop is so vast, it makes a 'scape all of its own!

June 6 ~ Good Duck, Bad Duck

The two sides of a duckie conscience.

Hope you're all well, and that the week is treating you kindly. {{HUGS}} to all who want 'em!


talj said...

Glad to hear you are feeling better {{{HUGS}}} Love the colours in the first shot and I want to know where you are getting your ducks from!?


RUTH said...

The duck photo made me smile...I would have never guessed that the first one was a lollipop.
Glad you're feeling better

CG said...

Sorry you've been poorly and glad you're feeling better!! Yes, where DO you find those ducks???

Anna said...

YUMMY....I want one Anna!

Elaine said...

The lollipop makes a great colorful abstract!