Wednesday, 20 June 2007

June 20 ~ Peony

Peonies are flowers that hold some lovely memories for me. As a child in elementary school, we used to bring peonies from the garden in to our teachers in June. I remember wrapping wet paper towel around the cut stems, and then wrapping that in a layer of aluminum foil. We used to giggle on the school bus as we tried to count the number of ants crawling around the peonies (for some reason, ants LOVE peonies!)

I've been feeling a bit nostalgic these past few days; the middle to end of June almost always does it. Think it's got something to do with the fact that I have such wonderful childhood memories of this time of year; it was the winding-up of the school year (usually we were done for the summer by about the 23rd of June). I have fond memories of sitting in the back yard, often curled up with a book, smelling the heady scent of the peonies as the late evening sun cast a beautiful golden light. Guess tonight was one of those nights that really brought that back to me. What a delightful feeling!

This photo might be a departure from my more "usual" style, and I suppose those recollections are the reason why. The light tonight just seemed "right" I think, and the cut peonies in the vase on my desk just combined with the sight of the sun to make me get outside and take a photograph. It's my own little bit of childhood dream.

Hope the day has been good to you all - I'm sending lots of love and {{HUGS}}.


CG said...

The light is lovely and your words make this photo very special

Anna said...

I dont remember ever seeing a peony before I moved here.....they are lovely and so was your post.

Pat said...

My peony's are in bloom as well, Anna and yours is just superb. Love the colours in it.

I really enjoyed reading your memories.

We have a guest's photo in the Guelph blog today!

My PAD and
Guelph Daily Photo

RUTH said...

What a beautiful photograph...your peony looks the same variety as we grow in our garden. Such perfect memories to go with such a perfect flower...shame about the ants though...we have exactly the same problem.
{{hugs}} back to you

Lori Schmidt (LoriProPhoto) said...

Hi Anna

I am sorry I have been neglecting you all so much recently. Thanks so much for all of your visits, they are greatly appreciated and keep me going.

I love your reflection photos and the Woodys, they always make me smile LOL

The photo of you and your Dad is wonderful. I had a lovely pic of me and my Dad taken just before I left South Africa but it is still in London and I cant get hold of my friend there who has all my belongings in storage. I miss all of my personal precious bits and pieces.

Wjhat a great catch, the flower in the canvas chair!! Lovely.

I love hedgehogs, we used to get lots in South Africa, they are such busy little creatures.

Your Puffins are gorgeous and the other sea birds.

The Darling Buds of May was one of my favorite series. I had already seen the whole series and when I went over to London I rented the whole series again from the library so that I could watch it all again. Catherine Zeta-Jones (sp) is doing really well for herself since then.

Please know that you are always in my thoughts, so when you are feeling down, just cheer up and know that I am thinking about you.



Carol_P said...

What a lovely photo and touching thoughts. Love you!